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Bedrooms FOM

Our Bedrooms

What do we do?

In short, everything! We provide a complete bedroom renovation service, from mood-board to finished project. We will manage the specification and supply of all your goods, as well as all the trades needed to install everything to the highest standard.

We're here to guide you through all the options and help you to make informed decisions to suit your needs and budget, without sacrificing getting the look you want.

So Where to Start? - We always say it starts with the look, from the first design consultation we work with you to create a shared mood-board for your project, this helps both you and us to have a visual understanding of your tastes. You may already have pictures saved or a stack of pages torn from catalogues - we would love to see them! And if not - don't worry - we have plenty of inspiration for you in our Galleries, as well as on our Pinterest page. 

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