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4 Examples of Realistic Kitchen Designs (and how CAD could save you money on your kitchen!)

Have you ever thought; “I know I want a new kitchen but I have no idea what I want it to look like” or seen a style you absolutely loved in a showroom or online, but couldn’t imagine what it would be like in your own home? There are thousands of options out there, but you, your family, and your home are unique - so where to start?

Big kitchen showrooms can be useful for seeing a lot of options in one place, but the small, generic layouts of the displays are designed to show off and sell as many products as possible - not to show you how the kitchen would actually look installed in your home.

CAD (Computer Aided Design) for kitchens is not a new technology, it has been used for years up and down the kitchen industry to provide visuals to customers and technical layouts to fitters. But outside the higher end of the market, the visuals are of a low quality, and the nature of large warehouse showrooms means that the designers do not have the time or the expertise to really personalise the design to you.

That’s where Ansley Brown Interiors do things a little bit differently. We focus specifically on digital design, using our CAD expertise and decades of kitchen design experience, we don’t walk you round a warehouse full of generic kitchens, instead we walk you through a highly realistic 3D representation of your dream kitchen as it would look in your house.

Swipe through the gallery below to view 4 examples of our realistic CAD compared to the finished room:

We measure the whole room and discuss all the details with you, not just those that influence the kitchen units - will you have a dining table and how many chairs? What colour will the walls be painted? Which direction does the light come from in the morning and afternoon? - we then factor all of these thoughts into not just the visuals, but also the design process. We believe that by considering the way the kitchen will interact with the rest of the home allows for us to create a much more effective and personally tailored kitchen design for you.

But what about saving you money? Well that’s very simple, we are not paying the costs for a large showroom and displays that we have to update constantly. We work digitally and from our design office (which you are welcome to visit!) where we keep physical samples of all products and our presentation area. This means that we then pass these savings on to you, putting it simply, we are able to provide kitchen designs and installations of the very highest quality at prices competitive with even the big chain retail stores and DIY sheds. All while offering a comprehensive personal service that we know you will be happy to recommend.

Contact Us today to arrange your initial home visit - it's completely free and no obligation, you only pay if you like our design so much that you want to order it!

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