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Outdoor Kitchen Ideas: Tips for Planning your Dream Outdoor Kitchen

Unlike an indoor kitchen, planning an outdoor kitchen is not limited by the layout of the house, the flexibility of outdoor space means that the only limits on the design are the space you want to dedicate to the outdoor kitchen, and your imagination.

Some important questions to consider when planning your outdoor kitchen:

What should the subfloor look like?

  • Your outdoor kitchen can be built on any solid surface such as natural stone, tiles, concrete, patio or decking. We use adjustable legs to level all our outdoor kitchens, but the base needs to be a level, solid surface.

Do you need a canopy?

  • All our outdoor kitchens and appliances are designed to be out in the elements, meaning they do not necessarily require cover. However, for optimum protection we can supply all-weather covers for long periods where the kitchen will not be used. We can also design and build a full range of pergolas and awnings to create a bespoke outdoor living space that works perfectly as an extension of your home.

Do you need power connections?

  • If you want to include electrical appliances in your outdoor kitchen, for example refrigeration, lighting or outside sockets, then a power connection will be required. In general, a normal 230V power connection will be sufficient although some specific appliances may need a high-voltage connection.

Do you need water connections?

  • For a working sink and tap in your outdoor kitchen, at minimum a cold water supply and waste water connection are required, the distance from the house is important to consider when planning for water connections.

Do you need gas connections?

  • Built in Outdoor Gas Grilles are designed to work with either a mains or bottled gas supply. As with water supply, the distance from the house should be considered. We design safe gas bottle storage for any outdoor kitchens that will use bottled gas.

What should be included in an outdoor kitchen?

At the most basic an outdoor kitchen can consist of a cooking area, for example a built in gas grille, and some counter space or work surface for food preparation and serving. For a more comprehensive al fresco cooking and dining experience, you may wish to consider additional features such as food refrigeration, cooling for drinks and a sink and tap for cleaning up.

Outdoor Kitchen “Must Haves”

  • Cooking: The heart of the outdoor kitchen, cooking outside is what outdoor kitchens are all about. There is a fantastic range of options (and you don’t have to stick to just one!) like gas grilles, wood-fired pizza ovens, teppanyaki and many more.

  • Preparation Space: Second only to the cooking itself is somewhere to prepare food, and set things down ready to serve. Work surface of some kind will be an essential part of your outdoor kitchen design.

  • Bin: It’s not the most glamourous aspect of outdoor cooking, but it’s certainly one of the most important. The last thing you want is to be running indoors to throw away empty packets or used kitchen roll, a small worktop bin (pictured below) is a great solution for this as it makes cleaning the work surface easy.

Outdoor Kitchen “Nice to Haves”

  • Storage: If space and budget allow, it is always very beneficial to have some storage around your outdoor kitchen. This can house utensils and dinnerware that are only for outdoor use, for example.

  • Refrigeration: Another option you’ll definitely want to consider for your outdoor kitchen is refrigeration. This can range from a built-in under counter fridge for storing food and drinks, to a worktop mounted ice box for chilling drinks before serving.

  • Sink and Tap: A working sink and tap in an outdoor kitchen is a great addition, not only does it make it much easier to clean up as you go, an outdoor sink is also an ideal place to clean your barbecue utensils instead of taking them indoors to wash up.

Contact Us today to talk about your outdoor kitchen ideas and find out what we can do for you, our home design visits are completely free and no obligation.


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